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In the transportation medium of the petrochemical industry, the content of H2S, CO2 and other substances is high, and the pipeline is severely corroded. Oil and gas resources are mostly found in deserts, swamps, hills and oceans, and the Reinforced Thermoplastic Pipes (RTP) can meet various complex environments.
The conveying medium can be: water, crude oil, natural gas, hot spring water, combustible ice, brine, alkaline water, nuclear wastewater, etc.

Application Field

 Oil and natural gas industry: high-pressure water injection, oil and gas gathering and transportation, natural gas transmission and distribution, tertiary oil recovery and produced liquid transportation, etc.
Chemical industry: special fluid transportation.
Marine engineering: water supply and drainage and special fluid transportation.
 Mining industry: coal bed methane transportation; fire protection, slurry transportation, etc.
 Other industries: transportation of drinking water, hot spring water and irrigation water; transportation of nuclear wastewater, mud and fly ash.


 Inner layer
Media transport layer: HDPE, PVDF, PES, PERT, PE+EVOH
Outer layer
Protective layer: HDPE, PERT Ps: Add anti-aging and anti-ultraviolet agents when laying on the ground
 Middle layer
Reinforcing material layer: Polyester filament, aramid fiber (tape), glass fiber tape, steel wire (steel wire rope), etc., and the reinforcement layer can be selected as two or more layers according to different pressure levels


 The pipe has good flexibility: it can be supplied in coils, the laying is quick and easy, the joints are few, and the construction cost is low.
Impact resistance: strong deformation without cracking and leakage.
Not easy to scale and wax: the inner wall is smooth and the conveying capacity is large.
 Strong adaptability to the terrain: it can follow the bend (no need for elbows), and is not affected by the uneven settlement of the pipe foundation.
High pressure resistance: the nominal pressure is ≤32 MPa, beyond the pressure range can be customized according to customer needs or working conditions.
Corrosion resistance: stronger resistance to H2S, CO2, Cl-, etc.
Hygienic, non-toxic, green and environmentally friendly: the flexible composite high-pressure delivery pipe can be reused, which significantly reduces the overall cost and is conducive to environmental protection.

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