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ZYfire Public Listed Successfully

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ZYfire,(stock code: 871694) was listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange on April 24, 2023, as the second company in Taizhou City and the first company in Jiangyan District to be listed on the Beijing Stock Exchange. It is also the third listed company in Jiangyan District.

Mr. Huang Yuzhong, Chairman of ZYfire, and other respected leaders and officers from Government and stock securities attended the listing ceremony and delivered speeches.

Mr. Huang Yuzhong, Chairman and General Manager of ZYfire, said: The listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange will be another leap in the development history of ZYfire. We will ride on the momentum and follow the trend, actively integrate into the new development pattern of domestic and international double cycle under the power of capital. ZYfire will focus on global niche areas more specialized, refined, will enlarge and strengthen the company to promote sustainable, stable and healthy development of the company, reward investors with better performance, practice social responsibility and demonstrate corporate responsibility.

Based on culture of "be moderate and peaceful ourselves to nourish and enrich all", with the target of "guarding the good and delivering the future", and ideal of "ultimate technology, ultimate quality and ultimate service", ZYfire continues to focus on its main pipeline business to provide the world with more perfect fluid transmission solutions.

At present, ZYfire has developed into a national "small giant" enterprise, a national green factory, a national intellectual property advanced enterprise and a national high-tech enterprise. ZYfire's products are widely used in fracturing oil and gas, emergency rescue, energy development, mineral development, agricultural irrigation and slurry transfer, and are exported to over 70 countries and regions worldwide. Zyfire sets up branches in the United States, Malaysia, Hong Kong and other countries and regions to have a win-win situation of all the partners worldwide.

The listing on the Beijing Stock Exchange is an important milestone in the 23-year history of ZYfire. We will promote the high-quality development process with the help of capital, continue to enhance our market competitiveness and profitability, with better return to the society and all the investors.

Looking ahead, all people from ZYfire have the confidence, perseverance and determination to do a good job in pipeline industry, carry forward the spirit of ZYfire, practice social responsibility and contribute to the development of Jiangyan District, the society and China.

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